We Clean Around The Clock 24/7 | Locally Owned & Operated

We Clean Around The Clock 24/7 | Locally Owned & Operated

About Us

Established in 1999, ProImage services over 3 million square feet of facility space every day. We pay great attention to the customer and maintaining the highest level of quality.


What We Do

  • Janitorial 71%

  • Landscaping 29%


Customer Satisfaction

Our Customer’s Satisfaction Is Our Only Concern.

  • Our employees work day time, night time, seven days a week.
  • We use environmentally friendly (safe/green sealed) chemicals and state of the art cleaning equipment creating a healthy atmosphere by reducing pollutants and allergen particles.
  • We are specialists at all types of floor care
  • Each building has its own onsite supervisor. Additionally, it is inspected regularly by our day time service account manager
  • We provide our clients with regular performance reports
  • ProImage guarantees our reliability by always responding to our client’s requests on the same day, 24/7
  • We use 4 cycle edgers, weed eaters and blowers (versus 2 cycle) to reduce emissions.
  • All equipment is regularly maintained to minimize emissions.
  • Organic fertilizers are used on trees, shrubs and grass.
  • Trash picked up on the property, something we do at each of our work sites, is recycled where possible.
  • Leaves and brush are turned into compost.
  • Use locally grown flowers and plant material.


Management Philosophy

Since we hire 100% of our employees, the work takes on a more personal nature.

From the very top (executive team) we lead our employees by example. We value our reputation and take our customer’s expectations into consideration when hiring, training and coaching our employees. Our service account managers and supervisors understand the importance of completing the job every day, every night.

We develop our employees through classroom and on-the-job training as well as weekend project work, i.e. buffing, strip/wax, carpet extraction, detail cleaning and blitz cleaning, etc.

As a result, our employees display a high level of ownership and responsibility in their work. We are proud of their performance and regularly reward them.


Janitorial: Going Green

ProImage employees are trained to use CRI Green-labeled vacuums which filter 99.9% of allergens our of your carpet.

We use Johnson Wax non-toxic cleaning solutions and micro fiber cloths for cleaning and dusting.

Whenever possible, we utilize Green environmentally friendly chemicals and equipment, creating a healthy work and living atmosphere.


Landscaping: Satisfaction Guaranteed

A successful lawn care program is solely measured on the unique needs of the property and the expectations of those who share in its beauty.

ProImage will develop a customized lawn care program to match the unique needs of your buildings. We will constantly upgrade our program based upon our performance reports and your feedback.

Our landscaping operations manager is a horticulturalist with a Botany degree from Miami University and ten years of field experience. Our professional team has an outstanding reputation for landscaping maintenance and professional lawn care. We pride ourselves on making sure the outside of your facility is as attractive as the interior and that we meet or exceed your expectations.

ProImage is intent on leaving our environment in better shape each and every time we provide service. It starts with training for each of our employees and ends with how we recycle trash, leaves and brush.

Gulch is LEED certified

The latest geographic area of LEED Green certification is the Gulch area. ProImage is the primary landscape service provider handling 7 different properties.

An experienced and professional lawn care program is imperative to guarantee a clean and beautiful looking facility. We have an excellent track record in providing this service day in/day out.

We guarantee it!


Liability & Insurance

ProImage has General Liability Insurance coverage and carries Workers compensation coverage. We provide all information regarding our insurance upon request. ProImage is a drug free work environment.

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