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A clean restroom is on everyone’s “must have” list but not on everyone’s “must do” list. One thing is certain, everyone wants a clean commercial restroom to use. If you have a facilities person or even if you don’t, an organized process of approaching restroom duties is one hurdle to getting the job done. Make […]

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So, how’s the outside of your property looking these days? Does it reflect the inside investment you’ve made? No matter the size of your business property, you need the exterior to be in top-notch shape.  And one of the best ways to do this is through commercial landscaping. There are many types of landscaping that […]

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Your commercial property is an investment. You’ve invested time, money, and effort into making it look good. Why would you throw that investment away by not maintaining it properly? Many commercial property owners do! They install beautiful trees and landscaping and hire a mowing service but forget that if there is a drought, meaning less […]

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With the cooler weather we’ve been having it’s easy to think about Fall being around the corner. And with Fall, comes your commercial property maintenance. The best month to seed is in September and no later than early October. You want every day possible for grass to develop a strong root system prior to the […]

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When you think of “best practices” you probably think of a company doing it’s best to function well and do business in an upstanding fashion. But for many businesses, facility management doesn’t get included in those best practices. So, to make sure your cleaning crew or the cleaning company you have outsourced are covering those […]

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Whether you have a service or your own staff, a standardized list of items that need to be cleaned in restrooms as well as how they need to be cleaned should be established. Below is a list of the various parts of the restroom that need to be cleaned on a weekly to daily basis, […]

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You do your job and you do it very well. You look around and you have a competent staff, doing their jobs to best of their ability. What often gets left undone, however, is keeping the office clean. That’s why you hire someone to do it for you. But facility management has more to it […]

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What bigger issue is there than urine stains in the restroom? Well, there are a few more but this seems to get some of the most complaints when it comes to cleanliness. One case study by a senior care center was done on finding a solution to the issue of urine stains. “Our goal through […]

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So, in your office, building or space, which maintenance area is the biggest issue for your business? Bathrooms: Offices: Kitchens:

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