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Seasonal Turf Care Program


Our crew has a special attention to detail that is unmatched and we  mow to the your specifications.  We mow residential homes, field mowing/brush hogging and small to large commercial properties, including HOA’s.  Our competitive mow prices INCLUDE string trimming/edging and blowing down hard surfaces to remove all grass clippings; bagging is also an option.  Weather permitting, we try to schedule our customers on the same mow day each week.  Typically we mow 32 times throughout the year starting in April and ending in November.

Lawn Renovation Capabilities

Fall turf renovations are the most common and a great idea for your grass.  They typically occur from late August through early October and include double core aeration, overseeding (with a selected seed blend or a customized seed mix for the property) plus starter fertilizer.  Core aeration is the process of removing small plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to improve soil aeration. The benefits of aeration include:  improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere, improved soil water uptake, enhanced fertilizer uptake and use, reduced water runoff and puddling, stronger grass roots, reduced soil compaction, enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance, improved resiliency, cushioning and enhanced thatch breakdown throughout the year.

We can also verticut bare areas for better seed growth.  Hydroseeding, sod removal plus new sod installation and care, grading and drainage work are all options for enhancing your lawns health, color and vitality.

Turf Chemical Applications

In order to maintain a luscious green lawn without the unwanted weeds, crabgrasses, diseases and fungus we offers a full Turf Application Program consisting of 6 main applications that cover fertilizers and weed control and 3 more optional applications that cover grubs, fungus, and nutgrass.  Of course we also offer roundup applications for hard surfaces and pre-emergents to help prevent weeds in your landscape beds.

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