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When you think of “best practices” you probably think of a company doing it’s best to function well and do business in an upstanding fashion. But for many businesses, facility management doesn’t get included in those best practices. So, to make sure your cleaning crew or the cleaning company you have outsourced are covering those areas that need cleaning, here are the “best practices” of cleaning for a commercial facility:

    • 24-7office-cleaning-proimageLobbies/Reception Areas – glass and doors should be sparkling clean and fingerprint free each morning. Your commercial cleaning company should also pay attention to light switches, door handles, dust paintings, computers, cabinets, decorative items and artificial plants and be sure all trash is removed daily. Any areas in which clients spend time deserve extra care from your property’s janitorial staff, as the proper maintenance of your building may influence their perception of your business. If there are parts of your building in which employees tend to congregate, these should also be prioritized in your janitorial service’s cleaning regimen.


    • Restrooms – thorough and daily disinfecting and cleaning from floor to ceiling with special attention to places where people touch: door handles, paper towel and soap dispensers, water faucets, toilets and so forth.


    • Kitchens/Break Rooms – need special attention and disinfection. Sinks, counters, tables and coffee makers need to be cleaned daily.


    • Office Areas/Workstations – need a good dusting, trash removed and disinfection of keyboards and mice.

For a schedule of services, these four main facility practices should be followed:

    1. Carpets/rugs are vacuumed at least once a week – depending on how much they are trafficked depends on the frequency they should be cleaned.


    1. Restrooms thoroughly cleaned and disinfected 2-3 times a week, depending on how often they are used – if your restrooms are open to customers, they should be checked several times a day and cleaned when necessary. Otherwise, at least one thorough cleaning of the toilets, sinks, and bathroom floors should take place every day for larger facilities with more employees.commercial-restroom-cleaning-proimage-facility-solutions


    1. All surfaces dusted at least once a week.


    1. Kitchens/Break Rooms – Wherever there is food, the potential for pests is greater – encourage employees to clean up after themselves and clean out the fridge once a week.


These are all things that a reputable commercial office cleaning company will have as best practices. Other things that should be included are the types of products they use. Good, strong disinfectants should be used but also should be green to keep the people who work in or visit your office from having chemical irritants affect them.

Most good commercial cleaning companies will have a list of some sort with best practices written out to be sure everything is taken care of every day. Do your homework and be sure to get a good commercial cleaning company with best practices!


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