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Your commercial property, although not your home, is still susceptible to issues when it comes to landscaping. One of those issues is thatch. Fall is the best time of year to check and see if your commercial property has thatch build up.fall_landscaping_proimage

Thatch is the buildup of turf waste from mowing and decomposition of materials into the base of your grass. When it builds up more than 1/2″ it can trap moisture which in turn can create disease in your turf. It can also block air, fertilizer and seed from reaching the root system where they are needed for a healthier, thriving lawn.

thatch-proimage-facility-solutionsSo, to make sure the thatch doesn’t build up, it’s best to dethatch the turf by running tines through the grass and pulling up the thatch, as if you were “combing” the turf. When the thatch has been pulled up, it’s best to remove it and either compost it or brown bag it and recycle.

Have you checked the level of thatch lately, either on your commercial property or your home lawn?

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