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There is a conundrum occurring every day:  are the restrooms of your facility really being cleaned properly?

Whether you have a service or your own staff, a standardized list of items that need to be cleaned in restrooms as well as how they need to be cleaned should be established.

Below is a list of the various parts of the restroom that need to be cleaned on a weekly to daily basis, depending on the amount of traffic in and out of the facility, as well as how to clean them. toilet-scrubbed-proimage-facility-solutions

• Remove objects from urinals/toilets; flush each one.
• Dispense a germicide registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) into each toilet and urinal.
• Refill all dispensers and empty trash.
• Dust restroom from top to bottom and sweep large debris using a lobby pan and broom.
• Spray disinfectant and wipe mirrors, sinks, brightwork, door handles, dispensers and other touch points — top to bottom.
• Check areas for hard water deposits. If present, remove deposits using buffered safety acid.
• Scrub, spray and wipe toilets/urinals using a stiff bristle brush.
• Check toilets/urinals for hard water deposits. If present, remove those using buffered safety acid.
mop-bucket-proimage-facility-solutions• Mop the floor using a properly mixed EPA-registered germicide.

(List provided by Ben Walker at CleanLink)

How is your service or facilities staff doing with your restrooms?

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