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We are well into our first month of the new year. So, what is trending in facility management in 2015? proimage-trends-2015-cleaning-industry

The American Institute for Cleaning Sciences (AICS), has released its white paper, Cleaning Industry Trends 2015. Here are nine trends in the cleaning industry – are you staying up with what’s trending?

1. Greater Upper Management Intervention – Shift message from operational/tactical to strategic
2. Increased Buyer Sophistication – Match sales model/process to buyer
3. Focus on Supply Chain Management – Integrate supply chain management into key account marketing
4. Buyer Bargaining Power on the Rise – Position your organization to profitably participate
5. Outsourcing Prevails – Develop service provider-specific programs
6. Departmental Financial Analytics – Become fluent in the financial metrics that drive your customers’ success
7. Industry Standards – Commit to industry standards and learn how to help your customers achieve compliance
8. Human Resource Complexity – Leveraging labor-saving solutions is at a premium
9. Sustainability Sustains – Weave sustainability into the fabric of your organization

So, what trends do you need to get with this year?


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