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With the cooler weather we’ve been having it’s easy to think about Fall being around the corner. And with Fall, comes your commercial property maintenance.

The best month to seed is in September and no later than early October. You want every day possible for grass to develop a strong root system prior to the heat of next summer. Also, the heavier the shade, the more important to seed in early September since it takes longer to develop deeper roots.

So, to get your commercial property ready for reseeding, you’ll need to do three things:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  1. Dethatch and Aerate: It’s important to rake away all of the dead grass clippings and leaves. This will expose some brown patches that were once hidden, making it easier for you to reseed thoroughly. If thatch is less than ½ inch, no need to remove it. If you have hard compacted soil, core aerating breaks up the soil and gives the seed a nice bed in which to germinate. Before you begin this important step, lightly water the area a day or two to make the ground easier to break up.
  2. Control Weeds: After raking the property you can start attacking the weeds. Use a good grade weed killer for the grass to see immediate results, and then you can begin seeding in as little as two weeks.
  3. fall-lawn-fertilization-rsunlimitedFertilize: Some weed-control products come pre-mixed with fertilizer, but you may want to feed your property even more before reseeding in the fall to help the seeds absorb more nutrients. A fertilizer for reseeding will be high in phosphorus (the middle number on the bag) – germinating grass seed has a high demand for this nutrient.

Next week – we’ll talk about seeding and then what it takes to keep those seedlings alive. It does seem like a lot of work, but you will be glad you did because, in the Spring, your property will come in much stronger and greener.

What issues do you have with fall lawn prep?

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