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The heat is on . . . (reminds me of a song from the 90’s?). There’s dust everywhere. There’s more dust every time you dust. The vents and ducts are to blame . . . and static electricity. When the humidity is below 30%, that’s when things go from bad to worse.

So, what to do, especially in a commercial building with electronics in every office?Computer-cleanup-proimage-facility-solutions

Chris Plotz, Product Development Manager, ITW Pro Brands in Olathe, Kansas, says to follow these steps for dealing with dusting electronics:

  1. Power down the screen. This not only lowers the risk of electrocution, but will allow you to more easily see dust and grime.
  2. Use products that are made to clean these surfaces.
  3. Start with a dry microfiber cloth.
  4. Wipe in a slow circular motions with light pressure. Make sure this wipe is lint-free and non-abrasive you don’t want to have to clean too much or damage your screen.
  5. Guess what i need to get around to doing.Avoid using paper products like paper towels and facial tissues as they are abrasive and occasionally have moisturizes that can soil screens.
  6. If the grime is significant, spray a chemical specified for screen cleaning onto the wipe not the screen. Use the damp wipe in the same manner you would a dry. The liquid will aid in cleaning as it changes the surface tension and aids in removal.

What have you found that reduces electricity and cleans dust for electronics?

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