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The temptation to plant trees in the Spring is enormous for facilities management. We didn’t make time last Fall, the best time to plant trees by the way, because we were too busy prepping for the harsh winter.

Now that the beautiful color has arrived with flowering crabs, magnolias, and dogwoods, we suddenly get the urge to add to the landscape. Even though Fall is the best time to plant, you can still set up a tree for success by following these guidelines:magnolia-tree-proimage-facility-solutions

    – Use locally available organic mulches.

    – Disperse mulch evenly in a 2-inch to 3-inch layer. The goal is to help soil retain moisture and keep out pesky weeds that need sun­light to grow. — But be careful not to pile mulch too thickly; roots need oxygen to breathe.
    – Be sure to taper mulch – when mulch is piled close to the trunk, it can trap moisture and cause splits and cankers. This can promote disease.
    – Make sure the mulch “skirt” fits the tree’s drip line, which is where the tree roots are competing with turf for water and nutrients in the soil.
    – To re-mulch your landscape, only replace the mulch that has decayed.

mulch_level_proimage_facility_solutionsFor plant longevity be sure and focus on these areas to prepare for large plant installation:

    – Design and strategic intentions
    – Individual site constraints and requirements
    – Nursery availability and quality of tree stock
    – Budget size and maintenance schedules

Hopefully you can create long-lasting arbor beauty and help your trees thrive for your commercial property. What questions can we help you with? Maybe you have some suggestions for large landscape survival.

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