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window-cleaning-proimageHow’s the view these days? We’ve gone through the winter months with snow, sleet, salt, mud – all elements of what could be on your building windows, not to mention the pollution in the air that sticks to the outside of the building and any type of environmental impact that can occur on the inside.

Windows add interest and a shine to any building on the outside and sunlight and viewing of green spaces from the inside. When those visual spaces are mucked up and dirty, it instantly becomes a detriment to the look of the building on the outside and the inside. When the dirt is allowed to build up, it makes a statement about your business immediately.

This is where commercial window cleaning comes in and any good professional cleaning company will provide these services as part of their cleaning schedule. The schedule will be determined by the type of business, size and number of windows. If you have a restaurant for instance, then you should keep the windows washed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  A typical commercial property should be cleaned, at the very minimum, two times per year, but if the budget allows, then it should be cleaned quarterly.

Windows are a symbol of architectural beauty in a building and most of the time we don’t really notice the windows but we do notice it window-washing-proimagewhen they are dirty. This is why it’s very important for any building administrator to keep their building clean on the inside and the outside.

As the world is opting for green and eco friendly energy production methods, more buildings are constructed using solar panels. If we take a look at the modern commercial solar panel, there is no difference between window glass and solar panel glass. When these panels of glass are used to produce electricity, dirt affects the process and steady energy levels.

So, how’s your view? Are you noticing dirt building up on your commercial property windows? How often do you clean them or have them cleaned?

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