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The industry of purifying water has been predominately for human consumption. But the cleaning industry is finding that purified water can be the difference when it comes to the windows of a commercial property.

window_cleaning_promimageIf you think about what is in water, it makes perfect sense that there might be a problem with getting what is left behind off a window when water is used to clean it. Water consists of many properties, some of which are minerals, and the harder they are the more they stick to any surface.

Jack Evans, president of the International Window Cleaning Association and owner of 20/20 Window Cleaning of NC in Raleigh N.C., says “When using tap water, people noticed occasional streaking or spotting on the glass. The benefit of using pure water is we eliminated about 99 percent of streaking on the glass, and in many cases pure water eliminates the soap requirement, as well.”

By skipping the step of applying and rinsing off soap, window washers are also able to work more quickly, which means savings as well as environmental benefits, making this process “green.”

“You no longer have detergent leaking down into flowerbeds and onto shrubs,” says Paul Condie, vice president of operations for KBM Facility Solutions in San Diego.

So whether you hire out your window cleaning for your facility or you have your own facility employees, consider using purified water to help the environment and improve the look of your windows for both your employees and those that visit. WindowWashingPole_proimage

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