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Have you “really” looked in your Janitorial Closet?

It might not be the most desirable place to take a “peek” but its appearance and contents can tell you everything about your janitorial company.

How is the closet kept, everything in its place, mops hung correctly.

Take a look at machinery. Start with the vacuum, is it an upright or backpack. For standard commercial carpeting, BACKPACK vacuums are proven to actually remove 99.9% of allergens from the air due to their HEPA filters. ProImage uses backpack vacuums exclusively as they provide better suction power and actually filter out harmful particles from the air rather than just blowing it around the office. Upright vacuums “beat” the carpet and blow more dust around the surface than it picks up.

And what about the chemicals. ProImage uses only Green certified, environmentally friendly chemicals to clean surfaces you touch, smell and use everyday.

So take a quick look in the closet. What you find might get you thinking about calling ProImage!

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