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Spring. We shake off the dust of winter and we open the windows to that fresh air. But wait, what’s the deal with all that dead, brown brush all over the front of our building?

Suddenly, you notice that outside area that’s an eyesore since the glory of those last fall days of color splashing the front of your property. Landscaping is one of those areas we appreciate when it hasn’t been done in a while and needs it badly! Here are some Spring landscaping ideas you may not have thought of that need some professional care for curb appeal:

1.  Tree Mulching – water control is the most important thing for trees – mulch provides protection so that trees continue to receive the moisture they need.

2. Spring Weed Control and Fertilization – the grass has taken a beating during the winter months – now is the time to prepare for the tough summer months as well.

3. Shrubs and Bushes – trimming, mulching and installation – Spring is the time for larger plants to take root and stabilize before hot summer months!

4.  Spring Bed Cleaning – getting rid of dead leaves and brush from the Fall and Winter will create the perfect bedding for new plants for the Spring and Summer.

5. Parking Lot Cleaning –  you may not realize it but salt and dirt have accumulated in your parking lot from many months of many cars pulling through your space.

6. Irrigation Solutions – if you don’t have an irrigation system get one now – before your spring beds and plants have been set and your grass seed is germinating.

Whatever it is, there’s nothing like getting it done early to prepare for the warmer days ahead. Hit it now, and hire a company to do it for! You will get it done sooner.

What’s that landscape project looming over your head that needs a good spring start?

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