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testing-clean-proimageHow do you know clean is really clean?  You use a product on an area, a rug, a floor, a shower – if it takes the dirt off, it’s clean, right? If only it were that easy!

Cleaning is somewhat of an art – there is a technique to doing it and it is perfected by doing it over and over. For every test, there’s consideration of:

  • product – effectiveness ratio to stringent nature – the most effective product with the least wear and tear on the surface you are cleaning i.e. bleach is a harsh substance – it wouldn’t be prudent to use it on carpet or wood even though it will definitely clean the dirt (it will also clean off the finish, too)
  • surface – flooring product vs traffic – the surface product structure and how much it is used daily i.e. a welcome mat is probably the dirtiest surface in the place
  • green – products that are available to keep more harmful chemicals from entering the environment i.e. cleaning supplies, equipment, etc.

So, there’s a lot of testing that goes into not only effective cleaning but prudent for the environment cleaning.

Is your cleaning company testing out their products and equipment and are they “green?”

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