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In commercial cleaning, people generally think of the inside of the facility – floors, offices, restrooms, kitchens, and windows. The inside can be immaculate but if the outside is a mess, people’s first impressions of the building will be hampered by what they’ve already seen before they even get to your office.

unkempt_commercial_landscapes_proimagellcIt’s hard to not notice bushes that haven’t been trimmed, overgrown grass, or dead plant materials in the landscape. The impression you set on the outside will influence the end user of the building. Let’s look at the areas that need attention:

1. Lawn – is the grass green without weeds? Are the edges trimmed and cut from overgrowth onto the sidewalks?

2. Flower Beds – are they mulched nicely without weeds overgrowing the flowers? Are the flower beds planned well with color patterns? Do they present like you’ve put on your best for your visitors?

3. Bushes – are they trimmed and shaped consistently throughout the property? Are they well watered and healthy?

4. Trees – are they mulched with a consistent circumference around each one throughout the property? Are the low branches trimmed so visitors can walk underneath the branches without gouging out an eye? Are they healthy, free from disease?

5. Hardscapes – sidewalks, benches, pergolas, structures – are they neat and trimmed of any weeds?

If you were a visitor to your building, what would you think walking up to the door for the first time?landscape-gardening-clapham-common


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