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Chances are you’re sitting at your work desk reading this article. If so, brace yourself for what I’m about to say.

The average workplace desk can be 100x less hygienic than your kitchen table, and 400x filthier than the average toilet seat! Gross, huh?

Shockingly, many workers admit that they don’t wash their hands regularly, even after using the toilet. Meanwhile, others choose to eat at their computer or use their desk for storing piles of unnecessary items that, in fact, belong in the trash bin.

No wonder work environments are breeding grounds for germs, with your keyboard harboring approximately 16 million microbes. Sadly, some of these unfriendly office “pets” are often the cause of sickness. And Workplace illness is one of the main causes of inefficiency and falling behind with your tasks.

All of this information is not meant to scare you, but rather to make sure you know the importance of constantly keeping your working space tidy and clean.

If you think we might be exaggerating, see these shocking facts about your office hygiene in this


Germ Infographic

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