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Photo by Dan Watson on Unsplash

A clean restroom is on everyone’s “must have” list but not on everyone’s “must do” list. One thing is certain, everyone wants a clean commercial restroom to use.

If you have a facilities person or even if you don’t, an organized process of approaching restroom duties is one hurdle to getting the job done.

Make sure, before anything else, create an organized cart or caddy to carry all of your supplies in one place. You’ll want one big enough to hold gloves, a toilet bowl brush, disinfectant and urinal supplies. Once your caddy is ready, you can get your restroom clean in five simple steps.

1) Apply disinfectant to toilets, sinks, urinals, counter tops and other restroom surfaces. Make sure the disinfectant is designed to kill germs that can cause diseases including the flu and salmonella. Let the disinfectant sit for a few minutes to ensure it has all the time it needs to properly kill all the germs and bacteria.

2) Fill all dispensers. You can do this while you’re waiting for the disinfectant to work. Make sure toilet paper, paper towels and soap dispensers are full. Studies have found that empty dispensers are a big problem for customers.

3) Clean and disinfect all surfaces. After your disinfectant has had the time to sit, wipe down all surfaces. Make sure you clean under the rim of the toilet bowl, the seat, inside the bowl, and the entire outside of the toilet. Wipe down sinks and counter tops, doors, handles, faucets and other restroom fixtures.

4) Empty the trash. When replacing the liner in the trash bin, place extras below on the floor of the bin so you always have fresh liners at hand.

5) Sweep and mop the floor. Make sure wet floor signs are posted before you start to mop for safety.

That’s it. You have a clean, healthy facility for your business and happy and healthy customers, too.

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