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Announcing:  a new cleaning service to disinfect your facility against infection!

We’re all concerned by the news reports coming out of China and now across the world about the Coronavirus. However, did you know that the flu has hit the U.S. in greater numbers and is actually more dangerous right now?

Here, at Proimage Facility Solutions, we are concerned that our cities protect themselves against viruses and communicable illnesses that can affect businesses, schools, municipalities, and families! There’s a new way of eliminating the threats that are unseen but can not only cost time and money but also, in some cases, lives.

Using a touchless spraying system, we can help you safeguard the public and your staff from bacteria and viruses using an odorless, EPA-registered hospital grade disinfectant. You can be assured that it will rid your facility of 99.999% of those bacteria and viruses causing:

  •                     MRSA
  •                     Norovirus
  •                     H1N1
  •                     E. Coli
  •                     Salmonella
  •                     Listeria


The disinfectant also kills mold and mildew, eliminates odors at their source, is a proven allergen eliminator, NSF certified food surface sanitizer and antimicrobial control for HVAC systems, carpets and more! We apply the product using a touchless sprayer which reduces cross contamination and ensures a “no drip” application, even wrapping the product around poles or places needing spray underneath. The system uses electrostatic charge emitting positively charged particles that cling to any surface sprayed, 60-70% faster with less chemical.


Contact us at 615.309.1622 for more information and let us show you how to protect your facility!


NOTE: HFI-U (Healthy Facilities Institute University) advises facilities concerned with communicable illness outbreaks to use electrostatic sprayers for application of disinfectants to help prevent their spread – see this link for more information: s.einnews.com/s4yhY76ksr

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