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Michael Rose, President of ProImage, was recently interviewed in the Nashville Business Journal due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus and how it impacts business. Journalist, Adam Sichko, Senior Reporter for the Journal, sat down with Rose to find out how ProImage is handling the government shut down of businesses all across the country.

Rose stated that, yes, some business has been lost because those businesses which the company has been cleaning for 21 years are not open. Sichko quoted Rose: “We’re not able to disinfect enough buildings to offset the loss of nightly cleaning. It doesn’t make up for the business we’ve lost already.”

However, the silver lining of the virus spreading has caused many businesses that are still open to sit up and take note that they must mitigate the virus. Rose speaks with Sichko about a new process of helping to kill the virus before it spreads any further and states, “Rose has adjusted on the fly, and so has the government. As of March 3, the EPA had posted a two-page list of disinfectants that could be used to combat coronavirus. Six days later, the list was 11 pages long, Rose said.”

With a process of using electrostatic sprayer technology and disinfectant, Rose says, 99% of the virus can be killed. However, he tells Sichko, “Here’s one of the greatest misconceptions: The disinfectant isn’t forward-looking; it doesn’t last for three, five, seven days like people want it to. We’re disinfecting for what’s there,” Rose said. “So the first person who comes in the building after us with a virus or who is contagious, that can change things.”

Sichko reports, “To date, at least three downtown office buildings are known to have had a confirmed case of coronavirus: AT&T Tower, Gulch Crossing and the eight-story building at 615 Third Ave. S.”

ProImage will be on top of it, doing their best to clean Nashville and surrounding areas to help rid the city of this invasive virus. As for the employees of ProImage, Sichko reports, “We’re going to do our best to keep them working for as long as we can,” Rose said. “We want to try the best we can to take care of our employees. They make or break us.”

For more on the article by Adam Sichko, go to this link for the Nashville Business Journal: bit.ly/3dqYTV5

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